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Social Media Account Management

Get Social. Sign Up for Social Media Accounts Today. Grow Your Brand.

We strongly encourage our clients to create and maintain social media accounts with networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.

Facebook Account
Facebook is a social networking service that can help you create and maintain relationships to grow your brand online.

Facebook Account ››

Twitter Account
Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to send your followers “tweets” (140 character text messages).

Twitter Account ››

Social Media
There are many popular and useful social media sites. Follow the link below to learn about other social networking sites.

Social Media Accounts››

Social Media Sites

Social Media Fan

$ 149 Month
  • 1 Account
  • *4 Updates
  • *1 Billable Hour

Social Media Pro

$ 299 Month
  • 1 Account
  • *8 Updates
  • *2 Billable Hours

Social Media Star

$ 599 Month
  • 2 Accounts
  • *16 Updates
  • *4 Billable Hours
Why Let Us Manage Your Social Media Accounts?

An active social media presence is essential if you want to grow your brand online. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and youtube allows you to create and maintain relationships with your customer base. You can post information about your company such as press releases, new products, and your employees to social networks that allow this information to be easily viewed and shared.

Another essential aspect of social media account management is online brand management. Failure to carefully manage your online brand could be disastrous since no one will be challenging possible negative comments, reviews, and postings to various social media platforms. Though a certain amount of negative information is to be expected, not knowing what is being said about your company online prevents you from taking action to mitigate the negative effects they would otherwise have.

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