School Blog Website

A school blog website provides an excellent opportunity for teachers, staff and students to interact with each other and the community. Your blog website can list academic and sporting events, faculty and staff profiles and many other topics that will help you provide parents and members of the local community with information about your school.


[heading]Faculty and Staff Profiles[/heading]

Posting staff and teacher profiles on your school blog website allows parents to learn more about you, and you can provide also provide your contact information if you feel it would be helpful. Contact information can be provided on an individual basis, so each member of the staff or faculty can decide what details they wish to provide. This is a great opportunity for teachers to reach out to parents, allowing them to contact a teacher easily without the need to keep a list of numbers or emails for each of their children.


[heading]School Events[/heading]

Keep the community up to date on the latest events using calendars and blog posts.

  • Open House
  • PTA Meetings
  • Special Events
  • Student Conferences
  • Plays/Shows
  • Holiday Events
  • Field Day
  • School Carnival
  • Bake Sales
  • And More…


[heading]Sporting Events[/heading]


Using your blog its so easy to keep everyone up to date on all of the teams schedules. Using calendars, blog posts and event guides you can list the dates, whether the event is home or away, the opposing team and other relevant information such as team records and history.

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