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Chinese Art Store Shopping Cart Design

An online art gallery offering over one thousand products and services. A robust admin system allows the client to easily add new products just by entering the product information in a form. Products can be updated, modified or marked as sold in seconds. Many more easily configurable features included.

Customers add products to their shopping cart just like in a typical store, then purchase the items directly on the site through a secure checkout process.

After a successful transaction is processed an email notification is sent to the customer and a copy is sent to the client to inform them of the new sale.

Store Shopping Cart Design

Real-time shipping calculations allow the customer to select from many popular shipping services including USPS, UPS, zone based or flat rate shipping (FedEx module available). The shopping cart offers detailed reporting and management features so the client can keep track of sales and inventory.

You may view this shopping cart software website at: http://chineseartstore.com

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