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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Web Use Is Growing Fast!
In today’s information age, you need your site to display well on smartphones and tablets, and our mobile website design service will make that happen. Many of your potential new customers are browsing the internet exclusively using mobile devices such a tablets and smartphones.

Did you know it is now estimated that 50% of all internet searches are performed using mobile devices?

The total number of searches for local websites is even higher, as more and more people use Google maps and other popular apps on their smartphone to find services, local restaurants and retail outlets.

With so many people using mobile phones to find things online, can you afford not to have a mobile website design? If you miss out on the opportunity to serve the growing number of mobile phone users, chances are they will become your competitor’s loyal customers.

Why You Need a Mobile Website Design
Unless your website is specially designed for use on mobile devices chances are it won’t display properly, and that potential customer/client will simply move on to another site that they can view on their mobile phone or tablet. Visit this website now using your smartphone or tablet to see what a mobile-optimized site looks like.

Mobile Website Design

$ 1299
  •   5 Mobile Optimized Pages
  • 1 Home Page
  • 1 Contact Form
  • 1 Privacy Page
  • 1 About Us Page
  • 1 Products Page
Supported Mobile Devices Include

  iPhone’s: Including iPhone 3, 4, 5 and unreleased models.

  iPad’s: Including iPad, iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini and iPad Air.

  Android phones: Virtually all devices and manufacturers.

  Android and Amazon Kindle tablets, including the Fire.

What About Devices/Brands Not Listed?

Most devices, even those not listed above will display our mobile website designs very well. Although no website will display properly in all modern mobile devices, our designs are based on a very interoperable architecture and will display your new mobile site in a format friendly to the resolution of the widest possible array of devices.

Creating mobile websites that are not platform specific requires a responsive design, which will scale to fit the screen size of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Simply put this is truly a one site fits all mobile website design that adapts to any screen resolution.

Mobile Phone User

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