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Merritt Island Website Design Company

CustomBizSites.com is a Merritt Island website design company offering services to clients on the space coast of Florida, and to small businesses around the world. We specialize in custom website design, web development and social media management services. With over fifteen years of experience serving small businesses you may rest assured we will be there when you need us. Our goal is to make every client feel like we are a part of their team, by providing fast, friendly services custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Local Client Support
Based in Merritt Island, Florida we are your space coast neighbor. All of our client support services are provided from our offices in the United States, in the eastern time zone, so we’re always available during normal business hours.
Fast Website Design Services
Okay, maybe we’re not as fast as a NASA rocket, but we work hard to provide our clients with quality services in a timely manner. We understand that most projects are time sensitive, and you need your website to be completed on schedule.
Photography Services
Many small businesses do not have suitable pictures for use in designing a site. However, we are a local company so we can take photos of your business including staff, buildings, vehicles and products at a reasonable price.
We Love Our Island

Merritt Island is a great place to live, and I am sure all of our neighbors will agree. Below is a gorgeous picture of a Merritt Island sunset taken by Stephanie Henkel. It’s a great picture of our island, and a reminder to get outdoors more often to experience all of the outdoor fun that is just a short drive away. If you like the picture you may click on the image to reveal the full size version, which you may download for free.

Merritt Island Florida Sunset

Why Choose CustomBizSites.com?

As a family owned small business we understand your needs and goals, which is why we are the “go to” company for website design in Merritt Island, Florida. We love our clients because we know how hard they work everyday to grow their businesses. Our web designers use each clients personal vision to create an amazing website that will help them reach their goals sooner by leveraging the power of the internet, and social media networking sites.

Call Us Today for a Free Consultation and a Quote

Your new custom designed website is just a call away. Contact your local Merritt Island website design company to discuss your project. Our staff is ready to walk you through the process of designing an amazing website that will serve as an effective, cost efficient marketing platform for your small business.

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