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Church Blog Website

Church Blog Website Design

Church Blog Website

A church blog website allows you to post new events, members, sermons, photos, videos and other information of interest to your current members and visitors searching for a church in your area. Adding new users with limited permissions allows other members of the church to perform functions like adding blog posts, comment moderation or making changes to the design of your website. The amount of access you allow for each user is up to you and changes can be made at ... Read more
Travel Blog Website

Travel Blog Website

A travel blog website allows you to post articles, photos, videos and reviews of places you and your contributors have visited. You have the ability to assign additional authors and set permissions for individual accounts, which allows you to restrict any account you choose from performing certain functions such as comment moderation or making changes to the website. The amount of access you allow is up to you and changes can be made at any time to any account you create ... Read more

School Blog Website

A school blog website provides an excellent opportunity for teachers, staff and students to interact with each other and the community. Your blog website can list academic and sporting events, faculty and staff profiles and many other topics that will help you provide parents and members of the local community with information about your school. Posting staff and teacher profiles on your school blog website allows parents to learn more about you, and you can provide also provide your contact information if ... Read more
Nonprofit Organization Blog Website

Non Profit Organization Blog Website

If you need to raise money online, a non profit organization blog website is the most cost effective and efficient method. Using the amazing tools included in a well designed blog website your staff can reach out to people in your city, state, country or even the entire world. Your staff can use a blog website to post detailed information and regular updates on the projects for which you are soliciting donations. Visitors can read your posts and view pictures and videos ... Read more
Personal Blog Website Designblog-personal-photo-650x-2blog-personal-photo-650x-3blog-personal-photo-650x-4blog-personal-photo-650x-5

Personal Blog Website Design

A personal blog website design is a great way to share your story with the world. There are many amazing features that allow you to display content in an attractive and user friendly manner. You can create amazing photo galleries, and sliders like the one above to display your pictures.Your blog posts can contain many different types of media that you have created, such as pictures, videos and audio tracks. You can also add your favorite videos from websites like YouTube ... Read more
Small Business Blog Website Design

Small Business Blog Website Design

With a small business blog website design, providing your customers with up to date information about your products and services has never been easier. We can install blog website software for your business that will allow you to post current information about your products and services, as well as offer them for sale online using the optional shopping cart feature. Posting new articles online is fast and easy.Your new site can also contain a FAQ list, which will help you provide ... Read more
Mobile Website Design

Why You Need a Mobile Website Design

Mobile devices now account for over 50% of web searches, which is why you need a mobile website design. Smart phones and tablets are not going away anytime soon, and it is commonplace for people to do a web search for local businesses. When a visitor reaches your site what do they see? If they see tiny text on a page that is almost impossible to navigate, there is a very good chance you will lose that customer to your competition, ... Read more
Shopping Cart Software Solution

Shopping Cart Software Solution

Our shopping cart software is up and running, allowing clients to place orders for many of our services without the need to contact us beforehand. After a client places an order we will contact them to discuss their project in detail and provide an estimate of when the project will begin or be completed depending on the type of service.Although clients have the ability to order most of our services online we still offer support by phone, email and Skype if ... Read more
Website Design Company Blog

Custom Website Design Company Blog

The CustomBizSites.com website design company blog is up and running, and we aim to provide regular updates of our website design, graphic design website development projects. We sincerely appreciate that you are taking the time to visit our blog site and look forward to reading your comments regarding our services. Read more

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